what I like but don't get paid for

Places you should eat at

Washington DC

  • Sardi's - Peruvian rotisserie chicken isn't common elsewhere, but places exist all around DC. Sardi's is one of the best.
  • Ben's Chili Bowl - A DC staple and must-have, steeped in local history and the accumulated grease of decades of operation. Now opening up new locations all over the place.


  • Frenchy's - Fried chicken the likes of which you will rarely find anywhere else.

SF Bay Area

Games you should play

PC games

Mobile games (and apps) - as a latecomer to the whole smartphone thing, having finally gotten one when one of the kids I was chasing off my lawn dropped his, I apparently missed the golden age when picking up any random game had a reasonable signal-to-noise ratio. It no longer does. Listed herein are the bits of diamond in the rough:

  • Fallout Shelter - free, no ads, doesn't bug you for purchases nor require them. A little micro-management heavy, since everything needs to be clicked on to complete, people need to be arranged, and deathclaw attacks exist mainly to make you follow them around handing out stimpacks, but still quite good and very flavorful.